Smart meter joint venture company moves from start-up to operational phase

SmartCo announced today that it has successfully moved from start-up to operational phase entering agreements with energy retailers to provide a range of smart meter services including remote meter reading, metering data delivery, site connection control and field and infrastructural services.

SmartCo also announces that it has entered into agreements with industry leading product and services suppliers including Silver Spring Networks for RF-mesh technology for data communications, Landis+Gyr and EDMI for smart meters and Advanced Metering Services Ltd for meter data and field service management.

SmartCo delivers an innovative new business model to New Zealand’s disaggregated market where retailers are responsible for deploying smart meters. SmartCo and its lines company members will use advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) to deliver high quality metering services to energy retailers. The lines companies will also leverage the same platform to improve network services for consumers including faster outage detection and restoration and improved power quality.

SmartCo will be deploying the latest smart meter technology that is Home Area Network (HAN) capable. HAN is a dedicated network connecting devices in the home such as displays, load control devices and ultimately “smart appliances” seamlessly into the overall smart metering system. The HAN market is now emerging within the smart grid sector to serve home with digital application solutions and energy management. Home Area Network has benefits for homeowners, utilities and smart grid vendors, as utilities are seeking means to implement demand side management programs.

SmartCo General Manager Gavin Lennox says, “Going operational is a major milestone in the company’s development. We’re now focused on deploying and managing the smart meter infrastructure to deliver improved energy services for our customers.”

SmartCo plans to commence mass smart meter deployment during the first quarter of 2014.

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About SmartCo

SmartCo provides high quality smart meter services to energy retailers. SmartCo, a joint venture company owned by electricity lines companies including Alpine Energy, Electricity Invercargill, Counties Power, Network Tasman, Network Waitaki, The Power Company, On Metering and WEL Networks, will serve more than 250,000 urban and rural consumers across New Zealand.

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