Defacto SmartCo Pricing

This is the defacto pricing for SmartCo Services. These are the prices charged (ex GST) to an Energy Retailer that has switched in a Customers ICP on locations where there is a SmartCo meter. These prices are charged if there are no formal arrangements agreed between the Energy Retailer and SmartCo (or it’s agent).

Energy Retailers experience a significant discount on the following prices if they elect to contract directly with SmartCo or it’s agent.

      $ / Meter pa
Meter Type Elements Load Control ALL
Cat1 All All $94.00
Cat2 All All $143.00


Charges for Field Services Prices from 1 July 2018
Service Charge ($ per job)
Manual Tariff Change $157.66
Revenue Assurance Investigation – Urban $201.52
Revenue Assurance Investigation – Rural $261.57
Revenue Assurance Investigation – Remote $291.56
New Connection (Categories 1 & 2 sites. Install and commission AMI) $220.53
New Connection (Install and commission builder’s temporary supply) $203.22
New Connection (Remove and decommission builder’s temporary supply) $220.53
Install Meter (Install Advanced Meter at Site that has metering other than Advanced Metering) $153.00
Change Meter Equipment (Category 1 only) (Change Advanced Metering at Site) $130.27
Change Meter Equipment (Category 2 only) (Change Advanced Metering at Site) T&M
Certification (additional visit required to certify Site after network livening) $122.81
Meter Test $204.53
Decommission ICP $157.66
Resolve Meter Equipment Fault (On-site) $168.20
Resolve Communications Fault (On-site) $168.20
Meter Site Investigation $122.81
Incomplete $76.23


Additional Service Charges Prices from 1 July 2018
Charge ($ per request)
Outside Business Hours $135.87
Key Collection $34.04
Customer appointment $66.08
Customer missed appointment $66.08
Three Phase Premium $23.99
Photo provided at Retailer request, charge per ICP $29.53
Rural Premium $57.85
Remote Premium $123.76


Pricing for other services (e.g Current Transformers, Relays, External Antenna etc) is available on enquiry.

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