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SmartCo Digital MapSmartCo provides a range of data analysis services from data produced by the SmartCo Advanced Metering Infrastructure. This includes representation of the information geospatially in it’s Digital Mapping Service, and other information via the SmartCo Network Intelligence Reports.

The Digital Mapping Service is your primary window to SmartCo Network Insights.

Network Insights leads to Network Benefits. Networks that SmartCo operates in are able to use the information to better plan and operate their distribution networks.

All information is updated daily, and by default focusses on the last 7 days of data.

The Network Intelligence Reports can be altered to focus on any span of time that you may wish to review, such as the last two weeks or perhaps what happened in April 2017. From the Network Intelligence Reports, you can drill down into Event Queries.

The default assessment window of the Digital Mapping Service is also 7 days but can be changed upon request.

blue buttonThe Digital Mapping Service also includes a real time communications portal (look for the blue button) so if you have any queries about the service, SmartCo is able to respond to these immediately.

Supported by Power Systems Experts from around the country, SmartCo produces high quality Network Intelligence that allows you to understand what is happening to the very edges of your network.

SmartCo’s Big Data Analytics Expertise is combined with that Power Systems experience to assess over 1 Million new records of information every day – delivering real Network Insights and putting the power in your hands.


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